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Hi, I’m Emily.

I wear a lot of different hats – jewelry lover, Pinterest crafter and baker, wife of a biophysicist (my high school sweetheart), mother of a toddler and a preschooler, world traveler, loyal friend.  I have a master’s degree in neuroscience and behavior, and I studied computer science, but I have never enjoyed any job as much as I enjoy creating jewelry for Emily Jane Designs.  The path my life has taken was unexpected – but it fits.


I love working with my hands and making something that is both beautiful and tangible.  And I have a knack for figuring out better ways to do things.  What can I say?  Debugging computer programs was one of my favorite things to do in college, because making something work right is so gratifying to me.  Now I use a lot of those same skills – like being precise and meticulous or experimenting to solve problems – to make the best jewelry that I can for Emily Jane Designs.

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Emily Jane Designs was founded in 2008 by Emily Brewster, a New Jersey native who now resides in Northborough, MA. We have been creating jewelry for over 10 years and find inspiration in natural and geometric forms. We also have a passion for personalization and love to create custom pieces that will become heirlooms for generations to come.

Each of our pieces is lovingly handmade here in our Northborough studio. Each piece is hand assembled by one (or all) of the wonderful ladies and gentlemen who work with us:.