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In 2008 Sarah was in her final year at the University of Liverpool when she moved to Kampala, Uganda, for 7 weeks to work with special needs children as her final practical placement in Occupational Therapy.  While living in Kampala, Sarah began attending a local English-speaking church.  She met Michael in dance classes at the church and got to know him as they both became involved in youth ministry.

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You may have noticed that most of the jewelry that I make is sterling silver.  That’s because I just love the look of silver.  It’s classic and modern at the same time, and it coordinates well with both casual and dressy outfits.

Silver really is an amazing material.  Like gold, pure silver is too soft to make jewelry.  To increase its strength and help it keep its form, additional metals are added to the silver.  This creates an alloy.  (See – I do use my science background!)    

Sterling silver (the kind that I use) is 925 parts per thousand – or 92.5% – silver.  The other 7.5% is made up of other metals, usually copper.  Copper is the most common metal to add to pure silver when creating jewelry, and it gives sterling silver extra strength.  

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Fall is in the air here in Massachusetts, and Sasha (my BFF/right-hand girl here at EJD) and I couldn’t resist staging a mini fashion shoot.  

Leather boots are a must-have this (or any!) autumn. Sasha’s boots are INTYCE by Steve Madden. Her vintage Escada top is unassumingly elegant, allowing her Dooney and Bourke bag to make a grand statement.  The handbag’s warm brown houndstooth print makes it perfect for transitioning into fall.  She completes the look with our chic quatrefoil earrings.

Constrasting solids with warm undertones are just right for fall (and for a busy lifestyle!) since they can go casual or dressy.  I chose a softer-than-soft jersey top in a muted turquoise from Lirola  paired with a gold infinity scarf from Ellaina Boutique.  My boots are Banana Republic, and I am showing off a little sparkle with our London blue topaz tear drop earrings  and one of my favorite bar necklaces.

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Autumn is full of colors here in New England, but the most important color this month is – pink!

Most people know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  But did you know that breast cancer is so prevalent that a woman in the U.S. is diagnosed with breast cancer every two minutes?  With so many women affected, I think breast cancer is something that has touched almost all of us personally.

In honor of everyone who is fighting breast cancer (or any type of cancer really!) and in memory of those who have lost the battle, I have designed a limited run cuff bracelet.  The bracelet sells for $65, and I will be donating 100% of the proceeds to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to help with their mission of finding a cure and preventing breast cancer in future generations.

The cuff is made of sterling silver and features a ribbon and a quote from the late Christopher Reeve: “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.”  The inside may be engraved with the phrase “Fighting for…” or “In memory of…” followed by a name.  

For an additional fee we can engrave a name or phrase using our special “actual handwriting” technique which allows us to duplicate words or phrases in someone’s exact handwriting.  I have received many letters over the years sharing how much it has meant to have a loved one’s handwriting preserved forever on one of our pieces of jewelry.

My hope is that these cuffs will bring strength and inspiration to cancer patients or comfort to those who have lost someone to cancer, while doing something practical to take a stand against cancer.  

And to anyone who is facing breast cancer right now, our thoughts are with you.  Keep fighting!