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Ryan and Nicole were married in 2013.  They were interested in ordering custom bands at the time, but not realizing that wedding bands need to be ordered in advance, they didn’t start shopping until the weekend before the wedding.  When they couldn’t find the perfect rings, they decided to purchase temporary rings for the ceremony and pick out something more permanent later.

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As Thanksgiving approaches, I am looking forward to experiencing Thanksgiving in New England, where the tradition first started.

Although we’ve been living in California for the last several years, our family actually has deep roots in New England.  My husband, Robert, is a direct descendant of William Brewster, one of the original Pilgrims who came to America on the Mayflower in 1620.


William Brewster cropped.png

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Hi everyone!  I’m Sasha.  I’m L.A. born and raised, but I recently moved to Massachusetts to be the production manager for Emily Jane Designs.

I’ve always like doing crafty things.  I learned to crochet and cross stitch when I was young, and I still do those kinds of things when I have time.   My first experience with jewelry making was when I was in college.  At the time, I was waiting tables and studying sociology, thinking I would become a teacher or a social worker.  A friend from northern California came to visit.  Having worked at a bead store, she had been trained in wire wrapping, so she taught me, too.

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While looking around the studio one day, I felt like it wasn't quite colorful enough and remembered a pin I'd seen awhile back on Pinterest with colorful kraft letters (I of course no longer know where the original link I had looked at went to because I didn't pin it!).  So after a short trip to Michaels and some online shopping I was ready to put together some new "art" for the studio! 
Kraft Letters
Scrapbook Paper in a variety of colors/patterns
Exacto Knife (and band aids if you have the same relationship with sharp objects as me)
Glue or thin 2 sided tape
Step 1:
Cut the backs off of all of the letters by running your Exacto knife CAREFULLY along the edges of the letters.
Step 2:
Remove the insides and clean up the edges of the letters a little. 
Step 3:
Using the top portion of the letter (the piece you cut off) as a stencil trace the letter onto the back of the paper you've chosen to line that letter. 
Step 4:
Cutout the letters.  You will likely need to trim them just a little to make them small enough to fit inside, I just kept trying to fit them into the letter and cutting off a little at a time to make them fit.
Step 5: 
Either glue or tape the paper into the letters.  I used double sided tape because that is what I had on hand, though a thin layer of glue will work just as well!  If you want you can also cut strips of paper in a coordinating color and line the inside edges of the letters with this as well.  Or if you wanted to get really fancy, you could glitter the inside edges!!  I chose to leave mine plain, the kraft color of the letters,  because for this project at least, I felt we had enough glitter and I liked the contrast of the brown and colorful papers.
After you've done this for each letter in the word you are trying to spell you are done!  Display creatively!