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Hi! My name is Katie, and I work at Emily Jane Designs.

I was born in Pomona, California, on June 28, 1993. When I was four, we packed everything up and moved here to Massachusetts, to a tiny town that nobody really knows exists.  I loved to play sports all throughout school, and I played varsity softball my four years of high school. Being the pitcher, I was always busy with training. As for classes, I took more art classes in high school than I did all of the other subjects combined! Ceramics and 3D design were my favorites. I've always had a strong passion for dogs, so I attended Becker College and received a degree in Animal Care.

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Hi everyone!  I’m Sasha.  I’m L.A. born and raised, but I recently moved to Massachusetts to be the production manager for Emily Jane Designs.

I’ve always like doing crafty things.  I learned to crochet and cross stitch when I was young, and I still do those kinds of things when I have time.   My first experience with jewelry making was when I was in college.  At the time, I was waiting tables and studying sociology, thinking I would become a teacher or a social worker.  A friend from northern California came to visit.  Having worked at a bead store, she had been trained in wire wrapping, so she taught me, too.

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