Hi! My name is Katie, and I work at Emily Jane Designs.

I was born in Pomona, California, on June 28, 1993. When I was four, we packed everything up and moved here to Massachusetts, to a tiny town that nobody really knows exists.  I loved to play sports all throughout school, and I played varsity softball my four years of high school. Being the pitcher, I was always busy with training. As for classes, I took more art classes in high school than I did all of the other subjects combined! Ceramics and 3D design were my favorites. I've always had a strong passion for dogs, so I attended Becker College and received a degree in Animal Care.

My mom and I have always been really crafty, and as a kid I absolutely LOVED craft fairs and shows. My favorite parts were the handmade jewelry booths. I also had a fascination with crystals and minerals – I was often told to empty my pockets after going hiking because I could barely walk with so many rocks clunking around in every pocket I had. During my freshman year of college, my mom and I took a beading class at a local bead and jewelry shop. This is where I first saw simple wire-wrapped stones.  I instantly knew I had found my niche. I had used wire in my 3D design classes in high school, and the thought of combining wire and stones was so exciting for me!

Wire-wrapping is all about patterns and repetition, so when you learn the first few fundamentals, it all just flows together. I like it because it's something I can put a lot of effort and love into, while each piece is completely unique. I never really plan out pieces anymore – usually I'll have a general idea of what I’m going to create, but as I'm wrapping, it just flows without thought. Lately I've been working on a lot of trees, mainly because they are so beautiful, but also because trees are a symbol of strength and durability. I'm also into nature and anything natural that comes from the earth.

I began working at Emily Jane Designs last summer.  I had been searching for a job that was right for me when I decided to check Craigslist for jobs related to art and jewelry manufacturing. My dream job was working with machines and tools to create things that would be meaningful to someone. When I found Emily’s ad and scheduled an interview, I couldn't believe it! I started working in July and quickly fell in love with both the products and the people behind the scenes. At the studio I spend most of my time engraving and sanding, while also doing my fair share of drilling, hammering, and stamping ID tags to put on the end of chains. Although I can’t pinpoint my favorite design, I love being able to put actual handwriting on a customer’s piece because it means a lot to me that I can be a part of producing something so personal.  I’m also a sucker for mixed metal pieces, like the spinner ring!

A typical day in the office is filled with lots of laughs and jokes. By the end I'm always covered head to toe in dust from sanding and smiling ear to ear because it's just an awesome environment with awesome people. My favorite part of my job is being a part of this hilariously goofy, but also genuinely nice group of people. I love being able to go to work to do exactly what I love with people I enjoy being around. I am so thankful for Emily and this business – I am truly blessed to love my job as much as I do.