Hi everyone!  I’m Sasha.  I’m L.A. born and raised, but I recently moved to Massachusetts to be the production manager for Emily Jane Designs.

I’ve always like doing crafty things.  I learned to crochet and cross stitch when I was young, and I still do those kinds of things when I have time.   My first experience with jewelry making was when I was in college.  At the time, I was waiting tables and studying sociology, thinking I would become a teacher or a social worker.  A friend from northern California came to visit.  Having worked at a bead store, she had been trained in wire wrapping, so she taught me, too.

I got really into it, and soon I was wrapping all the time.  I would individually wrap beads and make these really long necklaces, almost as tall as me!  I loved to sit at home and try different things, like designing a unique rosary from sterling silver wire for my grandmother.

After college, I stayed in the restaurant business and became a manager.  When the restaurant I was working at closed, my friend suggested that I try working at her sister’s jewelry business.  I started out doing wire wrapping and creating the things she designed, but within a couple of months, she asked me to become a production manager.  This was the job I had when I met Emily.  We got to talking at the office, and she showed me her Etsy shop.  I liked the work Emily did with soldering, so she invited me over and taught me to solder one day.  We really hit it off, and became best friends, even though Emily didn’t work at the company for long.

After eight years in the jewelry business, I took a job as an office manager at a busy medical practice that was closer to home.  Emily’s business was really taking off, and we joked around about me working for her one day.  But since she knew she would be leaving California, and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else, I never took it too seriously.

Then Emily told me she was moving to Massachusetts and brought up the idea of becoming her production manager again.  She also offered my husband, Robert, a job.  The more we talked about the opportunities, the more Robert and I became convinced that we should give it a try.

Now, I can’t imagine a more perfect job for me than working with my best friend.  I am responsible for processing orders and quality control at Emily Jane Design, but I also have a lot more interaction with customers, and I’m involved in the design aspect.  The atmosphere at the office is really fun and flexible, and Emily and I are constantly brainstorming and bouncing ideas off each other.  Robert teases me that Emily and I work all day together, have dinner with both families together, then go home and text in the evenings.

Working with Emily has really become a family affair.  Robert works in production – he makes most of our rings from scratch, runs the machines, and is learning to set stones.  Our kids are best friends, and my older daughter hangs out at the office after school.  My pound puppy, Oliver (a Jack Russell-chihuahua mix), comes to work with me, too.  He’s kind of become our little mascot.

All in all, it’s been a really big adventure and an amazing opportunity to move across the country, raise my kids in a smaller city, and spend all day with my best friend and my husband, doing a job that I love!